New country, new hobbies….

Three months and 1 day later ——-

I somehow reached the conclusion that the reason I am not able to get a job is because I lack discipline.

I thought to myself “How does one go about learning discipline?”

My decision was to start crocheting, something I learnt on my own but couldn’t develop due to lack of time. Well, time is aplenty now! So crocheting it is!

For old time’s sake, I converted this tradition activity into a business project. Here’s how:

  • The project : Make a drawstring purse
  • Budget :  $5 including overhead cost & overtime
  • Timeline : Project completion by Thursday, 18th May, 2017
  • Team-members : Interns only (Recruit SIL to string  beads while its my turn to help in the kitchen. And why will she do this? Because internship provides much needed market experience 🙂 )
  • Goal setting : SMART goals –
    • Specific & Measurable – Use 3 beads at a time to crochet
    • Achievable & Realistic – Complete a minimum of 2 rows per day
    • Time-bound – Complete project latest by Thursday 11 a.m

There you go. That’s how you keep your skills still alive. Career-break….. not for me!!!

P.S –  I completed this project way before time with an additional component – A rose! Tried beaded rose too, that’s attached to the purse. I think it looks chic. What do you think? Check out the pics below. Everyone in the family loved it! Hope you do too…..

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